Learnings as a Moonshot Factory CEO

We live in a time of chaos and disruption, a time between two stories — one that does not serve us anymore, and the other that has yet to be written. A time for exploration, experimentation, and wondering. A time of uncertainty, but also one of the opportunities where becoming more resilient to unforeseen events and taking bold bets will considerably payout, in particular in areas that prioritize care for people and the planet.

We can’t predict the future, but we can build for it! In the last decade, at the dawn of the XXI century, a new form of…

Vivimos en una época de disrupción, un tiempo entre dos historias: una que ya no nos sirve y la otra que aún no se ha escrito.

(originalmente publicado en La Vanguardia 27/4/2020)

Estamos en uno de esos momentos en el que el futuro, que a veces nos parece tan lejano, de repente se nos cruza y nos damos cuenta de que ya esta aquí con nosotros — poniéndolo todo patas arriba.

Estos días, desde mi casa en Barcelona, tengo la sensación de que en mi vida, una serie de puntos disconexos de repente se han unido, haciendo que cosas que…

On science, business, Moonshots, and kindred human beings.

Telefonica Tower, Flagship Innovation Center. Diagonal Zero. Barcelona.

After 13 years of innovating at Telefonica, working with great talent and teams, it is time to take the jump again and move on. almost as self-discipline, to break boundaries, escape the comfort of the known and start over to chase after new dreams.

as the weeks pass and i reflect on this journey, i realize how very few people have the chance to do world-class innovation in a given company for more than a few years, going through all the ups and downs of success and failures. …

Businesses Need To Stop Asking How They Can Use Blockchain and Instead Ask If They Need It (Hint — You Probably Don’t)

Blockchain has been hyped as the key to a new future but in reality, its uses are more limited. Source: Pexels

We’re a generation obsessed with technology. AI, VR, Big Data, Crypto, Quantum, and predictive analytics. We’re living through a disruptive digital revolution but sadly, many people are completely missing the point. As business leaders, we’re so blinded by the ‘shiny new thing’ that we often fail to address what is most important: the problem we are all trying to solve. I believe many modern business leaders are addicted to solutions, not problems.

Enter blockchain

The best current example…

Over my professional life I have worked as a scientist in various corporate research labs such as Microsoft´s or Bell Labs, worked in multiple start-ups in the bay area, run innovation teams in large corporations, and now I am the CEO of Alpha, a moonshot factory established by Telefonica to go after multi-year projects that address big societal problems. It is Europe’s first moonshot factory, developing new innovative ideas and full-blown moonshots: projects that will affect 100 Million+ people, be a force for good on the planet, and grow into new impactful businesses.

In parallel to my professional journey, over…

Pablo Rodriguez

Innovator and Computer Scientist | Google [X] Ambassador | Founded Alpha@Telefonica to do Moonshots | AI Author | Vipassana | http://www.rodriguezrodriguez.com/

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