Time to move on — Musing over the Innovation and Impact journey

Telefonica Tower, Flagship Innovation Center. Diagonal Zero. Barcelona.

Research and Technology Transfer

starting and managing a scientific Research organization in Spain with world-class visibility, placing Telefonica in the global research arena, recruiting the first data scientists into the company well before the Big Data era, and filing more patents in one year than all the patents ever filed in the company history, required a lot of talent, ambition, and bold world-class colleagues. Nuria Oliver and Dina Papagiannaki, and the great alumni were invaluable in setting up the pillars of such organization, the science in networks, Data Mining and AI in the company today — having impacted almost every product of Telefonica.

Telefonica Research team (2015)

Innovation and Intrapreneurship

as i turned to lead innovation teams, as a VP of Research and Innovation, i learned how to focus on the problems first — and not fall in love with the tech — to drive ideas into business.

Lean Elephants innovation HBR case study , 2015 (Susana Jurado). Telefonica Bravo Award for best innovation practices.

Privacy and Data Ethics

Moonshots: Solving World’s challenges

and last but not least, my journey as a CEO, setting up and standing Alpha during the last four years as a Moonshot unit to venture into the unknown.

Alpha, Moonshots http://www.alpha.company/
Bloomberg coverage of Alpha, 2018
Early Team at Alpha (Jon Stanners in the front)

Artificial Intelligence plus Human Intelligence

and all along this journey i also became author of a book on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data — book rights donated to Foundation Profuturo, teaching 6M kids in 23 countries. the book explores how AI is driving economic growth and evolving the world around us (including some creative work with El Bulli on Computational Gastronomy AI for cooking, and with F.C. Barcelona on soccer science and Big Data). in fact, most Moonshots will be underpinned by such new advances in ethics and AI, a topic i particularly care about to make conscious, human, ethical and sustainable tech.

Summer 2019 Vipassana meditation retreat (serving), Kyoto — Japan.




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Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo Rodriguez


Innovator and Computer Scientist | Google [X] Ambassador | Founded Alpha@Telefonica to do Moonshots | AI Author | Vipassana | http://www.rodriguezrodriguez.com/